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Let’s face it.

There are a bunch of detailers out there claiming that they are the best. We like to brag as much as anybody, but why would you believe us? Here is why you should at least strongly consider us before you commission anyone to detail your vehicle.

We literally wrote the “book” on auto detailing.

We also have produced a leading buffing video entitled “Buffing with Confidence” that has helped hundreds of detailers develop their skills and knowledge.


We developed the BMW of North America detail training program in 1998 to aid their network of dealerships in producing like new certified vehicles as their Certified Pre-Owned program was just starting. We have worked with them for a long time and have traveled around the country to various dealers and have trained hundreds of their detailers. They demanded a detail training program that would fully train, educate and give their detailers the skill they needed to produce perfect looking vehicles. We recently created and implemented even more curriculum for them and will continue to be their detailing trainer. We developed our current detail training program with these parameters in mind, and it’s the same program we continue to refine and improve and offer it to our students at our training center here in Dumont, NJ.

From our association with BMWNA, along with other car manufacturers, our long standing association of written contributions to publications in the detail industry, we have been able to form relationships with other key companies in the detailing industry. We work with product, equipment companies and have either helped develop product or do extensive testing on them. We have developed buffing products for detailer use such as compounds, polishes and waxes, as well as specialty buffing products for body shop use. We even work with other major car manufacturers in developing products for the specific paint systems at their car plants. We have visited car plants and have seen how cars are painted at the factory. We have access to paint chemists that have helped us understand the factory paint process and the chemistry behind today’s paint systems. We know paint! And now we teach what we have learned and of course that helps us work on a customer’s vehicle.

We literally wrote the “book” on auto detailing.

We also work with the leading steam company that manufactures steam machines. Our line of steamers is the absolute best available. We helped develop a brand new steam machine for exterior and interior detailing and we know pretty much all there is to know about steam cleaning and steamers. We pioneered the use of steam machines for automobile use and now many quality detailers use this type of machine in shops around the world! We work with a buffing pad manufacturer to develop buffing pads. We have learned so much about buffing pads over the years and we know about all the different styles of pads and what they can and cannot do. We also test and give feedback on buffing pad proto-types before they ever hit the market to make sure they will work to perfection on a cars paint surface. No other person or company has the access to these companies that we do.

Our vast knowledge and experience along with our contacts within the industry give us a distinct edge over other detail training companies, and a gigantic advantage over any other detailer out there claiming to be the best. Many detailers out there use (with our permission) our detailing articles and those that have been trained by us over the years have a much higher success rate. We also have trained students from all over the world! Our class has attracted students from all over the world from such countries as Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Venezuela, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Spain. We hope you will have the confidence to trust us with your vehicle after reading a little about who we are.

The bottom line is….. We absolutely know what we are doing! We have worked on all kinds of high end and extreme luxury cars for years. We know how much you value your automobile and of course we know the value of that same automobile. We realize that sometimes an owner of a high end car is just looking for a detailer to “just not screw it up”. Not only won’t we do any damage to your prized possession, we will make it look its absolute best. We will do whatever it needs and it’s surely in the best hands possible. Please give us a call today to ensure that we are the detailing company you are looking for.

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