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You may or may not be familiar with the term “wet sanding”. Sanding of a cars paint surface may sound like its being destroyed or getting made ready for re-painting. It doesn’t seem to make sense to a person who is not familiar with the process. However, sanding of the paint, or more specifically, the clear coat portion of the paint system, can significantly improve the appearance or help eliminate imperfections. Please click here to view our wet sanding articles

Wet sanding has been done for many years on cars that have just been painted. It’s a process that “shaves” down the imperfections such as dirt nibs and excessive orange peel. This procedure flattens the surface, prepping it for better reflection and clarity. Of course after the paint has been sanded it needs to be extensively buffed and polished to reveal the true brilliance and clarity. Some ultra high end luxury cars such as Rolls Royce wet sand their clear coat and then meticulously polish it to give the vehicle a truly breathtaking appearance. Also many show cars are given that special “wet look” by wet sanding the paint job. A show car paint job will have been carefully wet sanded and then meticulously buffed in numerous steps to get a truly perfect finish and shine.

We literally wrote the “book” on auto detailing.

Our Recent Wet Sanding Work

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This was an 11 year old vehicle that had numerous scratches from a shovel being used to remove snow from the roof, trunk and hood. They were too deep to be repaired by buffing alone. They ALL needed to be wet sanded. The paint surface was fair at best. After 3 steps of sanding to “shave” down as much of the scratches as possible, the entire vehicle was heavily compounded, then meticulously polished, then waxed

The first group of pictures show the actual scratches. The middle rows shows the areas after wet sanding. Sorry, we forgot to take pictures of the roof. We just like to work and enjoy the challenge of repair so we forgot the roof sanded shots. The last group of pictures shows the finished vehicle.

Please note, that not many detailers can accomplish this. This is a very labor intense and skilled job. Just one wrong move in the sanding or compounding process, and we could have severely damaged the paint to the point where re-painting would have been necessary.

Our Recent Work

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