Finally there is an answer and it is certainly not hype!

The answer is Opti-Coat Pro.

Now….here is what Opti Coat Is

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Why now and why Opti-Coat

We have worked directly with Optimum Polymer for many years and have helped develop many of the products. We also have performed most of the technical testing on all the other products. We have a strong relationship with Optimum and we absolutely only use these products as you can see on our detail training site

What is Opti-Coat?

The Opti Coat prepolymer, when combines with the air itself, will cross link and form its own Isocyanate (a fancy term for clear coat) when applied to the original factory paint surface. This bond is permanent and will not fade, break down, or wash away. This is a ceramic “coating” and the properties it possesses are far superior than ANY factory clear coat finish on the market today. Remember, Opti coat is not a sealant or a fancy wax. Please do not think of it that way. This is a very unique resin with a silicon carbide back-bone that is very reactive toward other surfaces and moisture.

It will bond permanently with urethane and other clear coats, polycarbonate, glass and other silicates, as well as metals and can only be removed by polishing or chemical paint removers. Once the resin is exposed to moisture, it will cross link rapidly and forms a clear finish that has better scratch and mar resistance, better UV resistance, better etch resistance, and better release properties than urethanes. This means that surfaces coated with Opti-Coat will stay cleaner longer and are much easier to clean afterward. Since Opti-Coat seals moisture and air out, it will effectively protect surfaces from oxidation and corrosion.

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A single layer of Opti Coat measures 2 microns in thickness. That is 100X thicker than a typical coat of even the best wax or sealant. This increased thickness, along with it other fabulous chemical properties, allow the Opti Coat itself to absorb damage that would otherwise adversely affect the factory clear coat, causing irreparable damage. An Opti- Coated surface will not allow this to happen. Opti Coat has an added layer of scratch and mar resistance meaning that light scratches, swirls, and spider webs will be decreased and not shown as much. Its is harder than any factory clear coat, including all the “scratch resistant” clear coats now being used. Where Opti coat is different than even the best Clear coats is that it will NEVER oxidize or fade, and only intense compounding, abrasion or sanding will remove it.

Weather Proof?

Opti Coat is completely resistant to atmospheric pollutants such as bird droppings, chemical etching, tree sap, acid rain, oxidation, bug stains, road salt, and UV. With mostly simple washing, the coated surface will continue to look its best and have a clear glossy finish. Opti Coat also has what is called a “hydrophobic” property that does not allow dirt and contaminants to stick as well. Your car will look cleaner for a much longer period of time. And when it is time to wash or wax the surface, it will be look like brand new.

Our Recent Work With Opti-Coat

We work extremely closely with Optimum Polymer technologies and we have helped create many of the Optimum product line. So needless to say we are intimately familiar with all versions of Opti coat and Opti guard leather, Opti lens, Opti glass coating. These are not “hyped” or “dealer” type products. In choosing a detailer to apply Opti coat, you need to make sure they absolutely know how to correctly apply it and can explain the full benefits and exactly what the product will do. Of course we know all this as we were one of the first to test Opti Coat many years ago, long before it hit the market. We use ONLY Optimum products and since we helped create many of the buffing products, you can be sure that your vehicle will be prepped correctly before Opti Coat is applied. This is very important as well. A poorly prepped vehicle will take away from the brilliance and durability of the Opti Coat. Give us a call and let a true professional explain the benefits

Opti-Coat Brochure

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