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We can do anything your vehicle needs! Hopefully you have perused a few pages of our site already to gain a bit more understanding of who we are and what our background in the detailing business is. We can do whatever your vehicle needs. That’s the bottom line. We won’t go on and on with specific operations involved in a detail. Of course we are going to perfectly detail your entire vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. But it’s in some of the specific operations where we use new and inventive products, procedures and equipment which we call “new school” to get the job done. As well, these “new school” methods are more environmentally friendly and are safer for the vehicle. If you would like further and more in depth explanations of some of the procedures we will perform on your vehicle, please feel free to call us or go to our article pages on our training site. Chances are we have written an extremely technical article on the very subject you may be interested in. Some of the “new school” operations we perform in the detailing process are as follows.

Vehicle Preparation (Car Wash)

We use a steam machine (yes an actual steam producing machine) to wash and prep the car. Steam will clean more effectively and use 90% less water than conventional car washing. Along with steam we use a new generation cleaning product which is more effective than soap. We have pioneered this system and it’s the most accepted “new school” method of getting a car clean. We also use very safe cleaners to get wheels clean and other dirty areas of the vehicle that need attention in the prep wash. Here is a link to our exterior steamer videos. We also have a great article that we wrote on exterior steam cleaning in parts I and II.

Interior Detail

Interior detail- We have also pioneered the use of a steamer on the interior as well. This system uses a different steam machine (not a carpet extractor which uses a lot of water and leaves carpets wet) to deep clean leather, door trim, dashboard areas, cup holders and every little nook and cranny inside the vehicle. We do this with limited chemicals in case you may be sensitive to chemical odors and we also do this with very limited water so we won’t leave any part of the interior wet when the vehicle is returned to you. This system is not only safe and more environmentally friendly, it’s proven to clean better and leave surfaces more soft and supple when completed. Here is a link to our interior steamer videos. We also have written a great article on interior steam cleaning.

If you would like further and more in depth explanations of some of the procedures we will perform on your vehicle, please feel free to call us.

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We also clean glass to sparkling perfection with steam. Using steam also eliminates harsh window cleaners that may streak or actually leave a film on glass. We also use specially designed window cleaning towels as well. Yes, these steam machines are extremely expensive and we helped develop the machine that we use. We spare no expense in the products and equipment that use on any vehicle. We are “new school” all the way.

Paint Preparation

We first use a clay bar to pull atmospheric contamination from the vehicle surface. This smoothes the paint and prepares it for buffing. This is an added step but a very necessary one. We then use an electronic paint thickness gage to “read” how much material we have to work with before we ever begin buffing. This also is a very expensive tool that many detailers do not even know about, or don’t spend money on. We use it on every single vehicle. We have an article on this subject as well about the importance of clay.

The Final Details

We look for little things that take a way from an otherwise flawless job. We look for dried up wax in cracks and crevices, any kind of streaks anywhere on glass or paint. We look for dirt that may have been missed on the interior. We make sure that wheels and tires are perfect and your vehicle is set up better than showroom or factory new. Please read our final details article.

Paint Buffing

We could go on and on about this subject. Buffing paint is one of our favorite subjects and one of the most challenging for detailers. In short, we correct your paint. We know exactly what we can and cannot remove, and we know exactly how far we can go to get there. We will show you before we ever work on your car what to expect. We know paint! We know every car has a slightly different paint system and we are familiar with just about all of them. Of course we will not damage your paint. We have heard the horror stories and we have taught detailers how to use buffers the correct way to make the paint as brilliant as it can possibly be with absolutely no damage. We would be happy to explain any of this to you if you would like to bring your vehicle by for us to take a look. Again, we use only the best tools, equipment and products that we painstakingly helped develop. We have developed products for major car manufacturers and we use those same products in our training classes and of course on your vehicle. We have written numerous articles in regards to buffing paint. We have helped educate, train and coach detailers in paint systems and buffing for years. Again, please see our articles section for some very informative articles regarding buffing.

Specific Packages

We don’t do “cookie cutter” detailing or packages. Every car is unique and every customer has unique requirements. Many detailing websites will list packages and pricing. Were sorry, we don’t do that. As we said, every car has different unique challenges and to get it perfect we can’t quote a price or a specific set of operations until we see the vehicle and speak to you about your concerns. We also would love to see you and your fine automobile and would love to show you our facility and show off just a little. Please call us to schedule a time so we can look over your car and make an appointment. We will say….and we are sure you may have realized by now…..that we are not the cheapo detail shop seen in many towns. We don’t want to be. Many detailers can “clean cars” but we know what real “detailing” is and the unmistakable elegance and beauty that will be seen after we have been commissioned.

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